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The region

You will discover here the map of the tourist route of the vineyards

as well as many other activities near our cottage!

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Burgundian lifestyle

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In Burgundy we have much more than wine to share:

we offer you a whole art of living ...


Take the great Burgundy wine route and let yourself be transported by the wine festivities. From Chablis to Macon, you will have the choice of a hundred events, throughout the year.

These taste and cultural encounters with wine as a common point,

pay homage to the conviviality and festive spirit of the Burgundians

To the rhythm of the four seasons of the vines and the wine, come and share moments of discovery and pleasure around the wines of Burgundy.

Theater, concerts, street arts, gourmet walks, exhibitions ...

There is something for everyone, from the most unique

to the most solemn events!

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