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The estate seen from the sky


Our Domain
in a few words


Come and discover this large cottage, Les Menus Bois,

 in Burgundy, from the beginning of the 19th century,

ancient stopover of pilgrims

Santiago de Compostela

before leaving Vézelay, and

completely restored at the beginning of 2019



It is an ideal place for your meetingsfamily, weekends with friends,

seminars or stay organization health well-being.

Several paths surrounded by a landscapemagnificent are present in our villageto practice cycling,walks or hikes.

During the Second World War, the “DRUGER” farm was

a high placelocal resistance.

Located at the top of a hill,she supplied the resistance fightershidden in the surrounding woods, andserved as a meeting point

and exchange for the resistance.

Mr. DRUGER, the owner of the place at the time,

sheltered and hid many soldiersAmericans and resistance fighters,

in the hayloft.

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